A R M I - Marketing. Advanced Research Methods in Marketing Since May 2002, A/R/M/I-Marketing is a member of the Millward Brown International network. This brings to our clients the access to full servicing on the worlds leading advertising and brand equity research tools by Millward Brown.
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ATP™ - Advaced Tracking Program™

ATP studies tell marketers whether their marketing plan has worked by identifying whether consumers are aware of a brand's campaign; which elements are recalled most strongly; whether the media budget is being deployed efficiently; whether the intended message is coming across; and how the total communications mix is affecting consumers' relationships with a brand.



Brand Dynamics™

BrandDynamics™ is a proprietary brand equity measurement tool designed to give you a clear fix on your current brand equity within changing market conditions, ROI on past marketing investment, and actionable advice on how to move your brand or service forward.





Our Link™ copy testing system gives marketers guidance, before they air an ad, on how hard their execution is likely to work for every dollar spent; checks the communication is on strategy and will elicit the right response from consumers; and gives insights to enable appropriate changes to be made to current or future material.
Link™ is fast, flexible, and can be used on roughs or animatics. It is validated against real life experience and is linked to sales effectiveness. Link™ recognizes that advertising can work in many different ways, and it values creativity.

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